Two new ArcGIS Pro styles for Public Safety and Government industries were released this week for ArcGIS Pro version 2.x. The Public Safety style contains symbols for emergency management, fire service, and law enforcement agencies. Tips & Tricks for ArcGIS Pro IUPUI ... Playing with Styles • Add System Styles • Add Styles • Extensive styles available for download from https://esri-

ArcGIS categories. The ArcGIS content category set includes a selection of topic categories and subcategories that can be used to categorize many types of geospatial content. This category set is used to support ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, and can be customized to support other collections or organizations. The category set includes a ... System styles -Esri styles included with ArcGIS Pro download. Add to project, not shared, read-only Custom styles -any style that is not a system style or your Favorites style, usually writeable Solution styles -Esri-authored, intended for a specific industry or solution, found on ArcGIS Online Mobile styles